Exploring the offbeat place – Kotagiri!

1 hour 30 minutes away from Ooty, Kotagiri is one of the largest hill stations in the Nilgiris after Coonoor. I was supposed to go solo for this 4 day trip to Kotagiri. But suddenly one friend of mine joined me on the trip.

That 30 min was a roller coaster ride. But our cab guy helped us a lot to reach there. Incidents like these, in my travels, are making my belief stronger that people are kind.

Fuchsia – The entry to the place begins with a small hike down to the slope, and then one enters the tea estates. I had booked this place on Airbnb almost 15 days in advance of the trip.

A place where time moves slow. All this beauty and its upkeep comes at a price though. This is one of the most decent places so far and obviously my first ever Airbnb experience.

I feel visiting this kind of offbeat place refreshes your connection with nature. Also there was an amazing caretaker’s family, spending time with them and knowing their life stories, struggles and their rituals, those conversations gave me a deeper knowledge of their culture. How can I forget to mention the food here, authentic south Indian food. I miss that food! Seriously mouth-watering.

The place is 8-10 km away from the village and it’s the only house right in the middle of the Nilgiri forest. We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, literally in the lap of nature and away from all the chaos.

The place is perfect for adventure lovers, as there are some nice trekking routes. Also rock climbing can be done here.

On the third day of our trip after having authentic rasam and rice we left around 4:30ish in the evening to reach one waterfall which was a big mistake that we made.

There are leopards living there, near the river and the forest so it’s better that you do this trek in the day. We went there after asking for directions from our stay’s caretaker. It’s around 2 to 3 km trek and there is no tour operator available.

The best thing was Brownie (the caretaker’s dog) was with us and at one point of time he was continuously running in a circle and wouldn’t even stop for a minute. We also heard a strange voice, on our return trek, and that’s when we started running towards our stay. I am glad we had Brownie at that time with us as dogs have a better sense if something is about to happen.

After reaching back to our stay, our caretaker told us stories about how leopards roam around here at night even outside our stay! We did not get to see one but my advice to you is that, if you are going alone then go with the help of the locals as they know the exact time and best route to where you want to go. 

Since network connection is also very slow, please be careful when you visit such a spot and do not rush into things.

The waters from the upper stream of the Kallar river are crossed by the invisible Mettupalayam-Ooty road beyond the mountains in the south-west. Catherine Falls is a double-cascaded waterfall located in Kotagiri, The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu

Sitting on the river bank, hearing the bird calls, small treks to meditation rock, roaming around the Nilgiri farms and watching the completely different people who work there. Playing with brownie (caretaker’s pet dog ), spending time with the people over there and listening about other guests who have already visited the place before us, about their life over there and obviously having a conversation in between the green mountains with some hot tea.

All these experiences we would not have gotten if we hadn’t visited this beautiful place.

People who are in Meditation and Yoga will definitely love this place. Also there are so many trails and green hills around, so people who love to go hiking will also fall in love with this place.

Great place! Great people!


Catherine Waterfall

Ride in Nilgiri mountain train

Kodanand viewpoint

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