Living The New Normal

This pandemic has really forced me to do something that I haven’t done since my 10th grade.

Stay in one place. It’s difficult (a little).

Since I moved for my further studies 8 years ago, I have no idea what staying in one place for long periods feels like.

In each journey, I have achieved something new, met amazing people, made remarkable memories and have seen the change in myself. Travelling has improved me in ways I couldn’t have even imagined.

Now, I am in this situation where I am losing the track of time, I have a chance to stop and reflect on every experience I have had. It’s been almost 2 months since I have been home and like all experiences, it has been teaching me. I am learning, changing in every aspect of life.

The human ability to adapt can be amazing. My days are filled with mundane tasks, while the news tells me how bad the situation is out there in the world. Noticing my family doing their daily chores, children playing at distance, video calling friends, working and studying online, living without junk food, without travel, without beach walks and, most importantly, living indoors without going out. I would almost call my days boring.

This is the New Normal. Reshaped into something unrecognizable, but I feel okay, normal.

I had a lot of time for self-reflection on my hands. Here is an incomplete list of things I have realised during this time:

  • Don’t let self-doubt hold you back.
  • We can’t always be content and stable. Give yourself the freedom to express all your darker emotions. Don’t suppress or escape. Acknowledging your feelings is the first step to healing.
  • Let yourself cry. Don’t forget to be connected to your own self. Checking in your emotions is important.
  • Don’t seek validation for each and everything. Remember you are enough. Don’t forget to stay authentic yet thoughtful.
  • You can cook anything! Trust me.
  • Again, you can sketch and write anything!
  • Don’t hold yourself back from communicating anything, speak up!
  • Everything in life has two sides, the choice is yours how you see and perceive it.
  • Internet!!! Ah, I can’t even think what would have happened during quarantine without it. It’s a blessing! But, use it wisely ;).

I have also learnt to stop overthinking everything and the virtue of having patience. Travelling will take time and it will also change. In the meantime, I am trying to learn and improve my writing skills. Trying every day for 1% improvement, without taking any productivity pressure.

“Everything in life is writable about if you have guts to do it, and imagination to improvise. The first enemy to creativity is self-doubt” – Sylvia Plath

2020 will be the year of revolutionary changes, in personal aspects and as well as global. The fact is undeniable that the world could remember this time as the prelude to large-scale systemic change.

Still, we stand in a time where we can’t even imagine the world post corona. Everything is up in the air and no way of predicting how it will fall. Every day something worse happens and the world seems a darker place. Emotions are running high and negativity and violence seem much closer to the surface. Being home all the time is taking a toll on our sanity.

But being human is to hope. Humans have survived and adapted to environmental disasters, slavery, world wars, pandemics etc. In the words of cliched proverbs everywhere, ‘This too shall pass’.

Till then, I have a new normal to live and a new song to listen to – Be alright by AnC.

AnC is an indie pop band based in Mumbai. They recently released their new song ‘It will be alright’. Check it out using the given link. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Living The New Normal

  1. I can’t even imagine the adjustment it must be for you. I’m pretty much the opposite… staying home alone is normal for me so this has changed little in my life.

  2. You captured feeling of everyone like us.while going through this blog one can have some peace of mind in current dark times. This will help to keep hope & positivity alive. Thanks & keep writing.

  3. This is resilience. Travelling surely have taught you about this survival mechanism. Keep safe.

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