Travel During Periods

Life isn’t all smiles like in the pictures. Especially when you have to cancel plans because of period pain. Of course I have tried to mask the pain in this pic, but losing blood is an intense process. On my trip to Spiti, it was my first day. After this pic, almost on the 4th day, I had given up on going out because of heavy cramps and bloating. ‘Travelling during periods’ isn’t new for me. I am used to suffer from a lot of painful periods and heavy PMS, because of travel and quick lifestyle changes. Many times I took medicine to overcome cramps on long treks and travel (which is not at all healthy for your body). On the trip to Spiti, for the first time, I have learned to expect the unexpected.
No doubt when you challenge yourself to do anything out of comfort zone, during your periods, it helps you to discover how strong your body actually is.
Also, I have never forgotten to live it up, and I don’t treat the travel time any differently despite being in periods. But this time I had no choice.

So after this trip, I researched and collected some tips if you are going for a trek or on a high altitude area where you can’t find a pharmacy store easily, and you have to sit for a long time.

  • You gotta be armed with travel kits, pain killers & heating pad.
  • Just period essentials is not enough. Don’t forget to carry plenty of wet tissues and hand sanitizer.
  • If you are on a trek take breaks between walking, stop by toilets when you find one.
  • Drink plenty of water especially if you are in high altitude places.
  • For hygiene, environment-friendly options are the best if you are in the lap of nature, consider reusable menstrual cup.
  • Dress for comfort and plan for bloating.
  • If you are in a long plane and train journey try to walk around a little bit
    Little preparedness can make massive difference.

A week before a period cycle is always intense. Pms can bring many women on the floor screaming and crying because the pain is so strong. Everyone’s body acts differently and I want to share issues that I face here, so that I can reach others who face similar issues. I think it’s important for women to talk about this.

Honestly, I am a little nervous and had to think twice about sharing this here as there is so much about the female body that is still taboo! But ignoring or suppressing a problem doesn’t make it go away. And ‘travel during periods’ is an issue many women face. I hope that by sharing my experience, I am able to help other women out there.

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  1. I think most women can right a book on this subject. We try to plan to our travels when I’m not on my period, but it’s not always that easy.

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