International Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day to everyone 🌏
Today is Earth Day 2020 and the focus is climate action. We want to preserve our precious wildlife, remote wilderness and beautiful beaches for generations to come.

Earth Day is the April 22nd of every year and today marks 50 years of Earth Day.
No matter where you are, you can make a difference, you are not alone because together we can save our planet earth. Obviously, the major crisis we are facing is the sustainability of our planet due to climate change.
Who could have imagined that on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day people all around the world would have completely stopped using fuel for unnecessary travelling, turning into a vegetarian and suddenly becoming more careful about wasting food? I have seen an estimate to say that in many places carbon emissions will be down by 40% on this year’s Earth Day compared to last years the pollution will be down by 60%.
Our planet is healing. Earth has the power to repair, restore and regenerate. These difficult times makes us realise how our planet keeps spinning with or without us. It’s indeed Happy Mother Earth Day.

No doubt those who are experiencing sadness and looking for returning to normality because of this lockdown. But we are also hopeful that we have learnt enough lessons and when we get through this we are kinder to each other and our planet.
Take a moment to stop and think how life on the other side might be?
This is our time to reflect. Give a little back to our nature by taking small steps.
Here are some tips:
1. Switch to a plant-based diet, eat less meat.
2. Conserve water
3. Reduce plastics
4. Plant more trees
5. Protect our precious land, wildlife, air, forests with creative solutions
6. Live a sustainable lifestyle & Support sustainable tourism to make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.
We are struggling in our own ways in times like these but hopefully, some sort of normality will return in the near future.
Till then take care and look after each other 🙂

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