9 things to keep in mind to make your Instagram game strong

Building a community is not easy at all and I am seeing people struggling with how to make Instagram work for their business. Numbers do not matter, many influencers are worrying about Instagram reach, likes and followers.

Just a small reminder to all of you, for Instagram content communication matters the most.

I have some questions! 

Why are you doing this? 

Why are you creating and sharing content here? 

What is your sweet spot? 

What content are you creating? 

How will it help people in their life? 

As an influencer how you are influencing? 

If you have an answer for all these questions and you are creating content on point with your photography and editing skill or writing skill or whatever the field you are in, and still if you are not getting enough engagement then I will tell you one thing – be patient, trust me, numbers are not everything.  

Stop running behind the numbers, improve your skills, prefer quality over quantity, make great content and give people a reason to come back to your profile. Do not worry about the Instagram algorithm. Content is king and will always be.

Now if you do not have an answer for all these questions then first find out, why do you want to be an influencer? and why you are giving such precious time in creating content plus worrying about numbers! Is it just a hobby?

The algorithm works differently for each individual account, though here I am sharing basic tips of Instagram engagement

1). Put relevant hashtags (do research well that your hashtags aren’t spamming your post)

2). Tell people a story. Let people get to know you about your life, your routine. Give them the benefit of your experiences.

3). Respond to people who are commenting and liking. Communicate with them through comments and dms.

4). Have time gaps between posts. Make them interactive.

5). Be consistent with your posts. Also, keep track of insights on each post. It will be helpful for your future posts.

6). Posts should have both a high-resolution picture and an informative caption! Educate your followers! Try to bring some variation in your feed, so people come back again to your profile and spend time on it. 

7). Those who are following you are humans. If we want people to engage on our post we need to be engaging with their content regularly. Community is very important. Nurture them💙

8). Do not compete and compare. Stay in your zone. Focus on your own content and how to make it better.

9). Be authentic. Mark Twain said, ‘there is no such thing as a new idea’ base your content on actual research and make sure to use your own voice and opinions.

Create it, because you love to do it, do not run into the race not for the reach and impressions. Knowledge of technicalities are important but remember nothing can beat your content and the thing you have done with your heart.

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