Quarantine effects

First, pat yourself on the back, you did it for 21 days and also will get past this! Those who are staying with their families and helping in the household work, it requires some another level patience when you haven’t been able to hold a zaadu properly!

Some people losing it through boredom & anger because of this crazy time, I have so many friends who are still away from their family living alone in the big city. It’s hard to stay without any human contact for days! People are so terrified with loneliness and their own company, the hardest person to live with in the world is yourself.

We crave touch!
We crave hugs!
We crave for our loved ones!
We crave for that breakfast dates on Sunday!
We crave to talk!
We crave to share our day!
Can’t avoid it right? After all, we are humans.

Here, I think, it’s more about emotions for our emotions. It’s about how you are feeling about your feeling of loneliness, anger and emptiness.
And then it comes to adaptation, this situation we struggling with is a prime example of how literally anything can happen with anyone in the world.
When the situation changes, it is about the adaption of your feelings. Sit with that uncomfortable emotions, feel it, acknowledge it, and figure out a way how reasonably you can change the way how you feel.

How much you are reading and watching the news, if you are continuously living in that environment, it affects your soul. Your environment is everything.

Stay out of that pain because you can’t help it.
When it comes to creativity and productivity you dont have to put so much pressure on yourself. If you see this quarantine as time to be creative and productive all the time, then you are expecting too much from this time and yourself. Take the heat off from yourself for a moment.
It is okay to take a lot of naps.
I guess it’s okay to create a new world for yourself. Moving a single simplest step forward a day to reach your creative wish is enough.

3 thoughts on “Quarantine effects

  1. Yes, that’s what it is – we are creating a new world for ourselves! We are still learning to adapt to these new living conditions and taking each day as it comes. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

  2. I like your point of view. Dealing with “emotions for our emotions”, as you said it, is the key here. I think that a lot of people find themselves in such situations for the first time and they are forced to learn how to deal with them on the go. So it is important to recognize the feeling and to consciously make the decision about the reaction to it. As it is not an easy task and noone has asked for it, it is fine to deal with it on your own way. No judgement, no expectations, just do what ever makes you feel better.

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