Life during quarantine- From an eye of a freelancer

Coronavirus effect and quarantine life – If I talk about myself, being an introvert, social distancing is not that big deal for me. I do not crave meeting people and going out to socialize a lot.

Secondly, I was lucky to have an amazing community and information sources. Because of the right knowledge of what is happening in the world and how it is going to affect India, I got the right information at the right time. I followed it and I was home by the beginning of March.

I cancelled the trip I was gonna take to Varanasi around Holi. Though I was very excited about the trip, the decision of cancelling the trip and staying at home was not as hard as some people in the world are going through.

I am actually okay with this quarantine time because It seems like a break for me. I am spending quality time with my family. After 7 long years, I guess it’s time I stayed for a long time at home and spent quality time with my loved ones. I am learning new things and I am getting time to do some introspection.

Things I am experiencing here are, I am seeing people connecting together, staying together, cooking and playing together instead of just living the same tired old routine. This is something different, virtually connecting to people on video calls and social media with some real conversation about life and the world (and not just small talk).

I see people who are getting bored as heck, in contrast, there are people who are okay with whatever the situation is and are trying to learn and gain something new.

Being a single child, from an early mom taught me to be okay with being bored and doing nothing. Sometimes she used to tell me ‘Darling, only boring people can get bored’. She taught me how to be comfortable without games, TV, music, in short doing nothing. She always said that always keep a book with you and you will never get bored.

I, also, become anxious about thinking that what will happen after this pandemic is over? Anxious thoughts about the future keep circling in my head as, no doubt, everyone else. I know we are all in this together and we will go through this together. Still, every person is suffering in a different way. Everyone is dealing also in a different way.

What I am not liking about this time:

It’s the nature of freelance work that nothing is ever guaranteed. As a travel blogger, freelancer and photographer, I and the whole community who travel for a living are struggling a lot. Coronavirus is hurting a lot in this industry. Though at this time, I am also getting the opportunity to tell meaningful stories through my blog.

Pandemic is teaching us that nature is everything, that we can survive with simple things and a simple lifestyle. It is teaching us to be okay and survive with what we have. I consider it as a warning from nature that we should respect and care for it more. Also, to keep everyone beloved we know close to us. No doubt things will get normal with everyone’s effort & it will be a new normal. it has been just 2 weeks and you can look back and see how life has changed. This is a reality check.

I love travelling a lot, I miss both mountains and beaches a lot. When I think about not getting to travel at all for a few months, a small part of me literally feels on the edge of crying. But a huge part of me feels grateful that I get to stay home and stay safe with my family.

The war against COVID-19 won’t be over soon. Not next month, or even the month after next, it is impacting on global business a lot. In the world where we live, the crisis needs a global solution. eventually, we will get through this! And we are all together in this! Remember that you aren’t alone, everyone is facing this.

The time is standing still for most of us and honestly, I am kinda loving it.

3 thoughts on “Life during quarantine- From an eye of a freelancer

  1. I’ve been questioning my introverted-ness over the past year and even more so now. I’ve always thought that I was an introvert because I grew up very shy and have trouble when thrust into the spotlight, but I’m realizing I do crave interaction with people quite often. Maybe I’m just an extrovert who needs to practice! Lol.

    But similarly, I don’t find the lockdown affecting me as much as it is a lot of more social people as you said. This is kind of how I’ve always lived so the only time I really notice is when I think about going to a bookstore or something and then realize I can’t. Or when I order something simple (some cans of duster for my increasingly noisy PC fan) from Amazon and they say it will ship in TWO WEEKS. Oh what a world we live in now, I don’t know if I can cope with the loss of my instant gratification! 😉

    I feel for you. While I am fortunate to have an “essential” government job and am still working, I understand how difficult it must be to not be able to travel and do what you love. I’m an amateur photographer and haven’t taken a single photo in over a month now (there are only so many photos I could take of the inside of my bedroom). Hopefully this all passes sooner than later and you can get back out there and posting your amazing stories!

  2. Right on… your thoughts on this time standstill is right on point. Nonetheless, it is our perspective that could change the way we accept this challenge especially for us freelancers. in my hope of making my time as productive as possible, I have found and hope that it would be out there and offer a better sense of success among freelances and startup businesses online.

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