Six Very Important Things to know before you start a blog in 2020!

Blogging is work!

You want to be a professional blogger, then the first thing you need to know is you have to be ready to spend some hours from your day on your laptop and give dedicated time to your writing. Also, on your own website. It is important and the first basic step to start a blog. Get a domain and sign up for hosting. Apply themes and plugins. If you have no idea how to do the technical part then don’t worry. Using a platform like WordPress or Squarespace is the best idea. They are super easy to use. You can also watch tutorials on youtube and on their own websites, but for making a professional blog you need to have your own domain. Once you get used to its technical part, it will be super easy.

Choose a name for your blog (don’t copy it) that makes it real and keep it short. Once you start, keep this in your mind that you should have ready content for the next 2-3 weeks.

Experiment with content

For example, you wanna start a travel blog. But what if you only get a chance to travel once or twice in a year. It obviously won’t work. If you are starting a travel blog you should have some ready content for 7- 8 posts. I am not saying that you can’t run a travel blog without travelling full time. But certainly, it’s a common thing that for specific niche travel-you should have some specific travel content to put on your blog and for that, you have to travel. So even if you are not travelling part-time, collect the content when you go and start it.

Newbie here?

I will suggest if you are just starting as a blogger and you have no idea where to start and what to choose for posting then instead of focusing on one niche make a list of things you enjoy and love and experiment with your content. Lots of subjects are there, for example, sharing daily basis story, photoblog, your own routine & experiences, fashion, adventure experiences, event blogging, lifestyle, food recipes, yoga, dance and so on. Keep your content simple and straight, do research but make your content unique.

How I started off!

I love photography and I travel a lot. And honestly, I have started this off as a hobby. Earlier I did it out of passion. I am still learning every day and juggling a new experiment with my writing with my blog with my life, almost everything :D.

I will give you guys one golden tip – Know your audience and READ READ READ!

Read Books. Read articles and blogs of other bloggers who are already doing great engage with them on social media or through emails. Community is important and trust me it helps you in your baby steps towards blogging a lot.

Also, engagement is very important even if you get only one comment or 10 likes, be grateful to them. Engage with your audience. Do give a reply to your comments. Do this also consistently as well. That will bring one constant flow to your profile and will keep it active. Remember, it always takes time to get a loyal and genuine audience. The most important thing here is what you are delivering to your audience. How your blog is helping them.

Consistency is the key

I know it’s hard to be consistent in the beginning phase when you have just started. I have also been through it but trust me not just for a blog even for your other social media platforms consistency will lead you to slow but steady success.

Patience is important!

Do not ever GIVE UP. You will fail a million times and that’s okay. That does not mean you stop putting your content and stop engaging with people.

We are living in a society where we need instant results and we keep comparing ourselves to others! But here is a thing, trust yourself and trust the process. When you are not getting enough likes and engagements and when you are not getting the results that you are hoping for, it will be frustrating. So having patience with the process is equally important as being consistent. Building an audience does take time, so keep posting, keep writing, keep clicking and learn to love the process. Don’t ever GIVE UP!!!!

Believe in why you have started and even if you fail, pick yourself up, learn and move forward.

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