How to keep sane during Lockdown

The best thing to do in stressful times is to create a slice of normal in your life. Normalcy helps to keep moving forward without ending curled up in a ball of anxiety. 

  • If possible keep following your old routine. Otherwise make a new routine. Routines are important, they stop you from spiralling down and make you feel normal.
  • Set goals for the next day before sleeping. It can be as simple as making a to-do list, to as difficult as spring cleaning your whole house. Goals help you focus and keep you sane. 
  • Recognise your triggers. What makes you derail from your task list, cause lethargy, trigger a depressive episode and is an escape route. These things are your enemy. They sap all your energy and make you feel like shit. My triggers are scrolling social media, watching movies or shows and reading fiction. They make you go down a rabbit hole which I find hard to recover from.
  • Start exercising and mediation. From yoga to no equipment gym workout to joining live instagram dance parties. Everything can be learnt at home. People have been posting awesome at home workouts and many apps are making joining their app free for next few weeks. Exercise and meditation help to keep zen in these panic inducing times.
  • Set specific times with specific time limits to check newsfeed and social media. Following the 24 hour news cycle is an invitation for stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Stay zen folks. 

– @a_travelling_fabulist

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3 thoughts on “How to keep sane during Lockdown

  1. Very good list, thanks! 🙂 I would add try to get outdoors to prevent cabin fever. You can keep your “social distance” and still enjoy the outdoors. That has helped me a lot.

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