In the land of lama- Winter Spiti Expedition – (Part 2)

All about Old monasteries and people

The trip was a bit off from a certain journey I used to do. Little out of comfort zone for a person who is getting on into the minus temperature from living into 40 Degree Celsius.

But the biggest relief for me that I was there in the safe hands. I was travelling there with team and they are well experienced in this kind of offbeat places as they are taking trips for a few years now.

In continuation of my blog’ First part:- on our way to Kaza we have visited these monasteries: Tabo, Dhankar-Gompa, Giu, & after reaching Kaza -Kye-Gompa.

Tabo is a small town in the Lahaul and Spiti District on the banks of the Spiti river. The town surrounds a Buddhist monastery which, according to legend, is said to be over a thousand years old.

Tabo is protected by the ASI as a national historic treasure of India. As such, ASI encourages heritage tourism to this site. ASI had also proposed this monastery, the only monolithic structure of its kind in north India, for recognition as a Unesco world heritage site for its sanctity in Trans Himalayan Buddhism.
There are many priceless collections of (scroll paintings), manuscripts, well-preserved statues, and extensive murals which cover almost every wall.(Wikipedia)
Dhankar is a large high village which used to be traditional capita of Spiti valley in old times. It is an altitude of 3894 meters above sea level. The monastery consists of a number of multistoried buildings perched together, giving a fortress-like impression. This beautiful village between towns of tabo and Kaza the highest complex overlooking the Spiti and pin rivers- one of the most spectacular settings for a gompa (Dhankar). The name Dhankar means – fort on a cliff.
From – Dhankar Village
He taught me so many poses for pictures actually.
Giu is a small village situated at a height of 10000 ft between the town of sumdo and tabo. The monastery is still not open but we had seen one 500 years old mummy which was found by Indo Tibetan police workers. It is said that mummy is of a Lama meditating.
Nako Village
Key Monastery (one of the famous spot here)
It is said to have been founded by dromton in the 11th century.
The way up to the top of the mountains is always longer than you think, don’t fool yourself, the moment will arrive when what seemed so near is still so far. – Paulo coelho

This is one of my favourite quote for mountains. Spiti was an experience like none other for me. The squish of snow at each step. I experienced it all from mud houses to warm smiles of villagers when we reached there, snuggling in our jackets in -15 degree of night, clutching chai and trading stories with fellow travellers. I can still feel the goosebumps as the cold mountain breeze froze my breath.

Tabo village

Trust me the Himachali people are the best welcoming the people in the world. They smile at you who never make you feel like you are away from home. Also when you explore the place, you don’t know what you may encounter next!

Team Soloyolo

Lastly, the beauty of the moment you are in and the place where you are, you would have no words to describe it at all. Not even the pictures do justice for a place like Spiti.

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  1. I like your adventures of remote areas.You have studied deeply about the natural beauty. I want to have fair tips about your experiences of your explorations. So nice of you and so kind of you as well.

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