In the land of the lama (Winter Spiti expedition) – part -1

My trip to Spiti valley – offbeat travel with team

‘This is something I have always wanted to do!’ This was the thought that was going in my head as Spiti trip is about to start. While my mind was busy imagining the wonderous beauty of the Spiti valley, in real-time I battled a thousand questions from mom. “Will you be safe?” “What will you eat there?” “Did you pack enough blankets?”

Finally with the hope and excitement trip started! But as you know not everything happens how it supposed to happen! my health was giving me an answer when I reached Shimla.

But I had the fortune to visit this beautiful place where I have experienced snow for the first time. I distracted myself by getting lost into the views and curvy roads which gave me a reason of fulfilment. At that time it was not just a place it’s a state of being and the first three hours of the journey was enough for me to realise that.

Sharing the glimpse of some famous spots here!

on our way to Kalpa.
This point is one of the most famous spots in Kinnaur bit away from Kalpa! It is known as the suicide point. I have visited this place while going to Spiti. It is located on a road which connect Roghi village with Kalpa.

Suicide point was the second point I was visiting in starting of my trip but I realised throughout my whole journey, There are many difficult ways out there more than this which is unthinkable! Trust me! Probably people can’t take pictures there.

I met this sweet lady in our kalpa’s homestay!
Who made us feel everything like home.
Reckong Peo Village
On our way to Kaza

The journey wasn’t easy as I was travelling there for the first time and there were moments where my heart was lodged in my mouth (all because of my health). But still, I enjoyed beautiful rivers running their course and nature changing its avatar outside throughout my journey.

One from tabo village
Prayer flags, snow and cold breeze 💙

Going close to nature and learning a new way of being & doing voyage on yourself, I experienced all these which were certainly life-changing, especially as a person living amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city. Also, I am extremely grateful to the people who made it easier to reach Spiti, without their efforts and all their help it wouldn’t have been half as easy to travel there.

Soon share more places and details here

Stay tuned!

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