Looking forward to 2020 and to all new fresh starts🌸

Looking back at where it all began, and grateful for whatever I have learnt on the way.

Time will never wait for anything and anyone. taking small steps and one new attempt each & every day Or maybe this is the start of me becoming what I have inspired to become. There is an attempt and I am glad when I think of it because try is most important when it comes to something.

My two-year-old self (my younger version) would be really proud of what I’ve become.

The journey was difficult, there was a time when I couldn’t found an opportunity, I have created it.

Also grateful to the people who believed in me, showed me the way.

We are just 12 days away from 2020 and it feels like a new journey is going to start soon!

Another amazing part of my life will start soon in every phase of life.

Adventure is important! when I talk about adventure as a traveller it does not mean the budget trek and going on road trips. Taking a decision you have waiting for a long time it’s an adventure. getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things for yourself is an adventure the most important being honest to yourself is an adventure. Because it always helps you grow.

with every single attempt, you learned to always take on things you have never done before. #1amthought

What are your plans for 2020?/

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