Back on the road (2) Kotagiri

My First ever Airbnb experience in India

About 1 hour 30 minutes away from Ooty, Kotagiri is one of the largest hill stations in the Nilgiris after Coonoor.

This is a great place for adventure lovers as there are some nice trekking route and rock climbing can also be done. Catherine falls and kotagiri viewpoint is must visit place here.

After Ooty, I and My co-travellers left for kotagiri. We caught one can and ready for our journey towards the middle of nowhere.

Reaching to a place that I have booked from Airbnb –, was with full of adventures. but our cab guy helped us a lot to reach there. An incident like this through my travels, my belief is getting stronger and open, that people are kind.

Fuchsia -The entry to the place begins with a small hike down to the slope, and then one enters the tea estates. A place where time moves slow. All this beauty and its upkeep of coming at a price though. This is one of the decent places so far and obviously my first ever Airbnb experience.

The place has whole my heart, close to nature and with amazing caretaker’s Family, spending time with them and knowing their life stories, struggles and their rituals, that conversations gave me a deeper knowledge of their culture. how can I forget to mention the food here, authentic south Indian food, I miss that food! Seriously mouth-watering.

Sitting on the river bank, hearing the bird’s voice, small treks to meditation rock, roaming around the Nilgiri’s farms and watching completely different people who work there. Playing with brownie( pet dog ) over there spending time with the people over there and listening about another guest who already visited the place before us, about their life over there and obviously having a conversation in between the green mountains with some hot-tea. All this experience we would not get if we have not visited this beautiful place.

People who are in meditation and Yoga will definitely love this place also there are so many trails and green hills are around so people who love to go for hiking will also fall in love with this place.

Great place.Great people! Words wouldn’t do justice!

How to reach there?

Reaching Kotagiri is easier from Ooty and Coonoor. You can also rent a car from Bangalore.

Places to visit:

Catherine Waterfall

Nilgiri mountain train


Kodanand viewpoint

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