Letter to my future self 27/10/19

Dear future self, I know I am making it alright, this might come as a surprise, but I am writing to you to remind you of what you assured to yourself in some moments of past few years.

You promised to put yourself first with clear intention. The intention for me is clearly the process of healing a wound. In the last few years, we lost, we loved, we fell apart- and this is the place from which I write to you. It’s funny sometimes, how you can be so aware of it and yet when It breaks we still break along with it.

As a younger version of you, I can say that you have had a weird relationship with change. But I know that time needs to do its healing process, I also know I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

Dear future self my intention is to love you for the next chapter of your life. I will never give up on things what you have ever dreamed of, you deserve all. I know my purpose and you and I are trying it for best. And hey you, look up you are not alone. We will be better. We will be different.

Love ❤

Past you.


P.S: Wishing you fellas Gujarati new Year 2019💫Nutan Varshabhinandan 💓 And Happy Diwali 💥💫 Keep going with Faith! let the light of festivals enlightens your heart with peace and happiness.

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