Tuk Tuk Tour Of Bangkok

It has been a few weeks since I visited Bangkok. It was my first international trip ever! This trip would have not been possible without the Radiocity Ahmedabad and AirAsia. I am very grateful to them and RJ Harshil for gifting me with my first international adventure.

Getting to Bangkok from Ahmedabad was easy-peasy through the Air Asia’s Direct 3 hours of flight without any layovers, we land early in the morning around 4ish. Me and my fellow travellers who were also visiting Bangkok for the first time, we’re quite excited to explore the city. We completed all the immigration formalities and headed to our place of stay.

In all honesty, I crashed like a little baby in the hotel room because I did not feel rested. This trip ended up being a mixed bag because I was overtired and couldn’t visit many places, but on the other hand?

I visited a whole new country! I had heard a lot about Bangkok because its a backpacker’s hot-spot with a bustling nightlife.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy amazing Thai food and meeting fellow travellers. I couldn’t visit any major tourist places on the first day because I slept. Instead, I wandered over to the street markets and cafes near my place of stay, later in the day.

One thing that was kind of a downer was not so good vibes from the local people there toward the Indians. This is very much understandable because some Indians are very loud and undisciplined. Not following the rules and throwing rubbish everywhere may work in our country, but you will get judged hard in others.

The second day, fresh from sleep and high with anticipation, we set out to explore the ancient Golden & Marble temple of Buddha.

We have explored the huge Platinum Mall and also the street markets outside the Palladium Mall. It has such cool places to shop full of vibrant energy.

I simply loved this big urban city. It possesses a network of rivers, historical Buddha’s temple, street-side seafood restaurants, top-notch restaurants, one of the biggest and quite amazing markets in the world, and of course its humble people.

There is never a dull moment in Bangkok for travellers. So many exciting things to do and wondrous places to see. A traveller can get lost in the rhythm of Bangkok’s beat.

Don’t forget to take a tuk-tuk to Bangkok’s trippy night markets. 😉

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