To Mumbai, With Love ❤

It’s been 8 months since I moved here in Mumbai. The city of lovely chaos, magic and madness.

Mumbai made me realise how this city has something for everybody, and you just need to reach out to Get What You Want. It’s the city watches you grow and holds you.

If someone asks what made you fall in love with the Mumbai city I have a very simple answer.

It’s the way Mumbai loves you back.

Mumbai welcomes thousands every day with open arms and doesn’t stop shining.

It doesn’t give a fuck to your demands, making you run at it’s the pace and not the other way around. The beaches, the high-rises, the night-life, the local trains, from Taxiwalas to auto wallas, everyone here will help you; there is a spirit of people that comes together whether it’s a festival or a tragedy.

The city is kind and has people with a live and let live attitude. I think it’s a completely non-judgemental city in India. People here may have small homes, but they have a big heart.

It’s not the buildings and the buildings that make Mumbai a place to live. It’s the people.

I am new to Mumbai but, I learnt a lot in this very short span of time.

especially simplicity.

Every new day, each and every train journey taught me more about life and myself than anything else.

Marines! Mumbai breezes! Just sitting here with chai and watching the Sunsets, thinking for hours while listening to sound of waves.

Every day I saw many stories, that can never be captured, but only can be felt. With every new sunrise, with every new sunset, with every new rain, there will be a new story on the road, the city has a soul like no other place.

It is the city where you can find chai sutta and samosa at 4 pm and 4 am. Mumbai is that morning walk on beaches. It is the love of that old couple who are taking walk-on Carter road. It is that street shopping of earring and scarves in the Colaba market. It is listening to that throwback music while passing sea link. It is that cold breeze that you feel on your cheeks and the smell of wet sand you get while it’s drizzling.

It’s a city full of spirit. There is something about Mumbai that charms you. It’s an emotion. It’s part of who we are.

The more you know, the more there is to know.

P.S: Do not, I repeat, do not go by the first impressions of the city. the good things the city offers are only revealed gradually or to the keen-eyed.

You have to live it to love it.

Mumbai, you are love ❤

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  1. Good to connect with you my fellow young traveler with a purpose. A few months back, while in Mumbai I too caught some amazing images.
    I travel for love and for me Nature is God 💕💕

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