‘So what’s your Purpose? I mean your purpose of traveling’?

one of my fellow traveller asked me this question..! and that’s how my journey started for Nagaland trip from Ahmedabad airport.

A Mandatory Click! (Ahmedabad)

At that time i was not able to answer!

because i was stuck in that feeling of what will going to happen? This is my first trip and all blah blah blah!!! And the most funny thing was, I asked my self.. Do I really know my purpose..? 😀

Surprisingly we managed to reach at time Guwahati Railway station which was the meeting point, And i met people, my other fellow travellers.

All new faces around me!!

I can say people with good vibes!!

But i was scared and quiet. Why? just because this is my first trip with PHOI..! The war was going on my head, as an introvert.

I was expressionless!!

And the journey started in train to dimapur our second meeting point..!

First i was just observing and than mostly sleeping all over the way in train..!

I will come with more stories in next post..!

P.S : What’s my purpose?

My purpose for traveling is getting stuck in new place where nothing is familiar, it’s great reminder that you are alive. Doing the thing where i can think out of the box and can do something out of my comfort zone.

& Why traveling? Because becoming a traveller changed my life in every sense of the word.

Later gather 🙂

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