Note from Life! (As a traveller)- Part-II)


Before I share my recent trip experience on my blog, I have some important note for travel and blogging.

The rest of the world thinks travel blogging is a vacation. But I am finding out that it’s definitely not. It requires lots of hard work.

I have just started off and trying to capture all my experiences into my blog. But I am not that much organised with it or perfect in it.

It requires so much dedication. But with every new trip, I understand better about travel writing. It made me realise that I should be more organised about my pre and post-travel work.

no pain no gain!!! With each travel experience, I understand this in a better way.

It’s nice to see another side (darker side) of the blog (or whatever you want to do)

But it’s all fair when you do what you love the most.

I have my previous post too! Note from life! (As a traveller) part-I. how travelling can help to find a new way to see other things, world & yourself.

Later gather 🙂

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  1. Very interesting website! I’m not one to travel, so the idea of traveling for the adventure intrigues me. Yes, blogging is hard work. I’ve had to step away from my blog for awhile when it becomes too time consuming. I wish you the best with your blog and look forward to reading future posts.

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