I visited Udaipur in this april month & This was my second solo trip. Being born in india, the most common things that girls have to hear is not to step out alone. So whenever i decide i get rapid fire of questions, from everyone around me. Going solo is one of the must have experiences in life. You just need to be safer and smarter. Sometimes I smiled and realized, how life is as well when you are your own person. I looked at the place and got lost in my thoughts.

when i stayed in that four wall room, i felt like that my thinking is shrinking. I grow. It’s weird moment of feeling independence and fear at the same time.

Though i am not a morning person, but that day somehow, I woke up early to take bus for udaipur from Ahmedabad.

Udaipur- the very popular destination for tourists in india with all its glorioushistory, Beautiful lakes & grand palaces. One day is not enough to discover all the awesomeness of udaipur.

Ambrai Ghat

I walked around a lot, and tried to discover city as much as possible on my foot.

Bagore ki haveli

I reached at Hotel at the noon time & Hotel was near by pichola lake and i was amazed with the view from there!!

After that I visited places likeSahelio ki badi, Ambraai Ghat, Hotel Amet haveli And Pichola lake.

Saheli o ki badi

Ambraai Ghat

Pichola lake

Amet haveli

It was just amazing experience of being there. What I realised is one day isn’t enough to cover all awesome places, forts and lakes.

City makes you want to click pictures everywhere and anywhere. With Vibrant Art,culture,traditions, Beautiful lakes and ancient forts udaipur is perfect getaway for your weekends. You might come out a little more artistic. You will fall in love with this Sparking lake city.

you can find easy commute for visiting forts, other places and local markets. While safety is the main concern for solo traveller, udaipur is one of the safest city in india.

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  1. You do an amazing work!! The way you showed the beauty of Udaipur its beautiful..I never had a solo trip but now by seeing your posts i decided to do a solo trip and will share with you!!😀

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