Sometimes, its weird to feel caught up between the place!

Why? May be because i find home everywhere or relate well to the places and people out there. The feeling of why i need to go Back?? Well this happens every time with me.

Why am i writing all these, because in my last trip to daman I felt same!

I have planned trip to explore silvassa for this month.

I didn’t sleep the whole night before the day of traveling. On that very morning i was late and my phone gave me continuous updated train status- “your train is running on the time”.

I Just made it to the station minutes before departure, I reached platform and successfully caught my train for vapi.

one of the capture of painting on Vapi Railway station.

Do not spread waste, Spread Smiles 🙂

From vapi Silvassa is 22 km away. I took local auto to reach there. But on that day (Saturday) I reached at the time when everything (there are so many lakes & beautiful gardens in silvassa) was Closed. Everything opens after 4:00 pm. As usual i am bad at making plans for my trips. I just decide the place and started my journey.

so basically have nothing to do for 4-5 hours over there.

So ,I changed my plan for trip place from silvassa to Daman. Daman is 15 km away from vapi.

I went back to vapi and found taxi for going daman.

And Finally! I reached at Daman! (Unplanned trip)

Daman – which is city of union territory of Daman and Diu.

Devka beach -Daman

Daman has two beaches – Jampore and Devka, And there are so many other historical places to visit.

Cool & rocky beaches, scenic natural view, wildly beautiful landscape & easy availability of cheap liquor, makes Daman a popular destination among youths and even as a getaway for those in Gujarat.

The beach, where i sat for hours had a great view of sunset. Extremely amazing Experience.

And than I had to leave the place, but I wish if I could stayed there longer.

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