Five Reasons why kasoL is Best for Do nothing vacation!!

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~we can think better and with awareness of everything in the lap of nature. We feel free~

I have just read it in one book name ‘unposted letters’ by mahatrià rà.

So come to my trip of kasol, i am going let you know the 5 reasons why kasol is best for do nothing vacation..!

Well its not just a place about just do nothing vacation, if you want than you can visit so many adventurous near by treks,villages and camping..!!!


Kasol is village in kullu district. Its 30 km from bhuntar. This beautiful village is situated on the bank of Parvati river. It also knows as Parvati Valley.

Place is extrem example of Himalayan beauty and peace. Mostly untouched by outer world makes it best for nomadic and hippies. 😉

How i started my trip and how to reach there?

  1. I had start my trip from delhi, reached Bhuntar by volvo travel bus, which was going to manali. From Bhuntar i changed my bus for going to kasol.

  2. Bus services are available from Delhi. All the busses going for Kullu passes through the small town Bhuntar. Route for Kasol cuts from Bhuntar. Bhuntar also have a small airport.

  3. Direct bus from Delhi to Kasol is difficult to find so opt for the Bhuntar and change from there for kasol

How kasol is best for Do nothing vacation..!!5 reasons are here.

~Distant from the main cities

It is away from the towns and cities, situated along with the river valley and due to the availability of basic amenities.

It becomes the first choice for those how are searching place for peace and adventure.

However, there is a whole other world to it. Most people travel to Kasol as they are tired of the mundane city life.

2: Mini isarel of india

Mostly Israelis settled here and working as to provide shelter to the Israeli tourists. Thus more and more Israelis are attracted towards the place and helping in the development of the local economy. So you can eat best israeli food here…:)

I found here most delicious chowmin and momos..

Well, Not only Kasol but many areas such as Kangra, Dharamshala, old Manali, Vashistha are some other places have good number of Jews footprint from Israel.

3: People and culture

Kasol has snow-laden Himalayan mountains for its horizon, awesome cafes, inconspicuous travellers, a large number of shops offering local garments and local food points. The hashish in its immaculate structure smells incredible and tastes wonderful.

People are so genuine and helpful to everyone .I have learnt that people must never be judged by their lifestyle. I have learnt this in kasol. I can give credit this to my acceptance of a culture different from the one I grew up in.

4: view…view.. view

You can go anywhere and anyplace. There is always one frame like painting of pine trees and Himalayan with Parvati Valley…you can capture from any angle view is miraculous.

And you can find yourself alive..

oh wow happy realisation.. come back here you are reading my blog..😋

5: nearby places manikaran-Tosh

Malana, chalal , manikaran, tosh and kheerganga (there are so many other villages over there) these all are near by places for trek and camp and you can stay there..

Unfortunately i visited only two places among them manikaran and tosh because there was snowing there..

Manikaran sahib Gurudwara

Its only 5 kilometre from kasol & place which is pilgrimage hub for hindus and specially for sikhs..and the place which is well known and famous for hot springs.

Tosh village

It takes half an hour to Tosh by taxi. The village is very beautiful & is more advanced than Malana but lesser explored than places like Kasol. You can just “Chill” out here.

From cafe 360 Tosh -village (one of my favourite place).

Parvati river is extremely beautiful. Soakinto the purity of the river and its magical sound. You can sit by the river for hours doing won’t be able to understand how much time actually passed.

Kasol is home for everyone.

Kasol is love like you can feel it, but its hard to put in words.

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