What is your mindset when you are going to start any trips

Most of people are love to travel, Going to another place and explore the city. changing your environment is necessary sometimes and fun too.

But..Did you ever think about your purpose for travel?

Your purpose to visit that place.. your purpose of traveling and starting your journey…

Many people who are traveling they get tips from the persons who already visit it. (Yeah if you are going through any blog and taking information about how to travel and discover places that is okay).

But when you get any judgement for the place may be that is wrong also..and may be that opinion is that person ‘s view for the place.

But what happened!!

Sometimes it creates mental blocks. You will going to see the place by others perspectives.. that is not the right way.. you can get information and learn and can be safe from it but you need see place and people by your own viewpoint.

That gives you amazing experience for your journey.

So be free and open your mind when starting your trip.

Have fun and enjoy little things 🙂

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