How little things can make a whole lot of difference..

I had ton of expectations from Ahmedabad when i started living here.

The City surprised me in many different ways! When it came to experiencing it on my own, i had seen this world from eyes of others and I didn’t want to stay here.. i wanted to go back to my home, i was afraid.

At that time, started thinking why the all things always happened to me?

Yes and what i learnt here from all the experience how to remain stubborn in every situation.

i want to talk here about how some unhealthy beliefs, for ourself is holding us back and getting stuck there in the problem

Anything and any situation, when it feels sad, it feels uncomfortable, we want to escape it!

why? because it’s uncomfortable, but if we face that feelings and face the problem its a better way to move on..from that problem. Once we face it we don’t feel stuck and uncomfortable.

Not every Situations are in our control.

But it’s always up to you how to respond and react to it.

Okay!!! Now get back to here.. where i was staying, i found 5 different community’s friends.

This is random picture of ours from Thol lake near Ahmedabad. It’s basically Thol wildlife sanctuary which falls in Mehsana District of Gujarat state. best time to visit is in winter from November to February:)

I learnt lot from them, with in time they became very important part of my life,kind of my second comfort zone after my home.

Traveling in locals, going to late night drives, being out late and yet feeling safe, talking to different people and continues getting new experiences, i loved it all it felt good to be on the road again, I am happy to have listened to my heart and decide to live every little things.

Happiness is found in the simpler things..

It’s perfectly fine to do things that will keep you happy, sane and comfortable.

I urge people who are living in their shell from ages, Do something that you will be waiting to do from a long time.

Bring out your sparks that has been hiding somewhere.

Here i am completed my second part from Ahmedabad diaries.

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