Note from Life! (As a trveller) – Part-I

Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Before I start to tell how my journey begins in Ahmedabad i just want to share here how traveling alone and with purpose can change your life and your point of view for the place and people. Your perspective towards culture.”You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you will discover will be yourself.”—Alan Alda

The great affair is to traveI, not merely to see places and people, but to take an inward journey to explore the “self.”

Traveling without any plan and alone maybe lose track of the date and time,but they remember moments and carry stories.

For those who travel every journey is start of new adventure, new romance and the this time it was about journey to exploring and improving your new inner self to the world.

heritage city of India, Ahmedabad

Where I started my journey from my hometown in 2012. The place where I came out from my comfort zone.But at that time new college ,new people and new journey ,the time when everyone was talking about making new friends and contacts for good marks grades and for enjoying the college life. I was still confused that I really want to do this?

Always confused and lost ..!!!

Now what…!!

What i know is only one thing , i want something different..different from routines.

Mediocrity and stagnation is disease.

I don’t want do something Because everyone is doing same and you need to do it only this way. I have to do it when my heart desires ,Not because i am missing on something so i have to do it.

I posted this today for how to know your self worth and how discovering new places helps it.

If you are questioning your self-worth and confused about life, just try to remember why you started?

Always know where you are coming from. No matter how high you fly your power always lies in your roots.

I will meet you again here 🙂  stay tune for the next post.

3 thoughts on “Note from Life! (As a trveller) – Part-I

  1. Greetings 🌹, Welcome to WP, it’s always good to read the thoughts of the fellow bloggers. Appreciate you follow my web page and glad to know you here. Travelling is always a teacher in simpler words. Your blog seems to be different than others and I will sure read all the posts as I get free time. Explore the best while you travel it opens inner self teach you to enjoy eternal beauty beyond the camera eyes. Have a wonderful week end and blessed walking through the globe. If you stop over in Singapore or Hong Kong just buzz me and glad to guide you how you can explore the untapped areas around. Cheers. 🌷 ✨ 🌷

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